The Rhyme Chick

Instructions For Watching Our Home
March 14, 2010, 1:09 pm
Filed under: Neighbor Issues

We trust you to watch our house
We know you won’t burn it down.
Thanks for letting us pack our stuff
And finally get out of  town.

The animals are grateful that you’ll be there to feed them.
Please keep ____ in one room and ____ in the other.
After careful consideration we’ve decided not to breed them.

Did I forget to tell you that _____ brought a ______ home from school?
I told _____ that ______ often bite,
But he’s/ she’s  stubborn as a mule.

Whatever you do, please be careful.
There’s a possibility we have a ghost.
The film crew will be there on Tuesday
To try and capture it making toast.

Let me see, what else?
Oh, that dust everywhere is for the fleas.
Don’t allow the bird to inhale it.
It causes him to sneeze.

We’ll be back on Friday
These are probably all of the instructions you can take.
One more thing I forget to say; don’t worry about the snake.


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