The Rhyme Chick

Bugs 101
March 11, 2010, 3:38 pm
Filed under: Bugs

There are bugs on this planet
There are more of them then us
But if you find them in your yard
Please don’t make a fuss

Caterpillars do eat leaves
But they will surely grow back
It’s just like when you take your pruners
And give those plants a whack.

Spiders make you scream,
But they don’t need to die.
See they have spider mamas
That might just start to cry.

Honeybees can cause a start
As they buzz your head.
But if you try not to swat them
There is no need to dread.

Wasps are even worse.
They’re bigger and can be meaner.
But wasps eat bugs in the vegetable garden
That keeps our produce cleaner.

Ants can cause a great big hurt
If they bite your feet
Leave them out in the yard though
And they will act real sweet.

There is a balance to the bugs
They don’t need you to keep it.
If you sew some compassion.
You, good person, may reap it.


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