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Seven Cats Go For Tuna
March 11, 2010, 2:37 pm
Filed under: About Cats

Seven cats went to the store to buy themselves some tuna
The oldest of them was a Persian cat who went by the name of Luna.
“Alright kitties,” she said to her friends, “let’s head to aisle thirteen.”
Six little cats knew to follow Miss Luna, because the grocer there was mean.

Somewhere along aisle four a tabby named Terrance got distracted.
“Balloons,” he mewed happily. “Better keep my claws retracted.”
The tabby named Terrance stayed by the table holding trays of Macaroons.
Terrance didn’t know what they were. He just liked the balloons.

Five little cats and Luna still made their way to the fish,
But somewhere along aisle six a grey one  heard something go swish.
There was a boy with a big grey mop cleaning up the floor.
Mr. Grey just had to stay cause he’d never seen that before.

“Aisle seven smells like Heaven,” said a Calico named Marie
She was such a curious cat that she left the others to go see
What in the world could smell so great, and would she be able to try it?
The samples were free and Marie ate them all having no money to buy it.

Three little cats and Luna were looking high and low
They had made it to aisle twelve, just one more left to go.
A black cat named Peter stopped in his tracks, but what had caught his attention?
A mouse running under a shelf was just something he thought he should mention.
The mean grocer looked down at Peter and said, “Sir, there are no mice in my store.”
Peter said, “I beg your pardon, but here is the wrapper he tore.”

The mean grocer didn’t believe Peter and called the kitty a liar.
Peter sure wished that Luna was there. The situation was starting to get dire.
Luna, Zeke and Tiger were searching through the cans
When all of the sudden out of nowhere came a crash like pots and pans.

Terrance took pause accidentally releasing his claws
A red balloon went pop
Mr. Grey took fright and for no reason did bite
The boy who was holding the mop.
Marie yelled, “What in the hay, y’all?” then hacked up a hairball.
Up with that came her snack
No kitty should ever eat samples and then five minutes later give them back.

The three little kitties: Zeke, Tiger and Luna
Behaved like every little kitty should do.
When I go to the store I stay with my mom.
When you go the store will you?


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